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Healing and Venusian Spirituality with Anja Schäfer

Healing and Consciousness Expansion with Love and Light ♡ Turning inwards ♡ Omnec Onec ♡ Webinars and Meditations

Inspired by spiritual teachings and based on experiences I have created an atmosphere where you can find inner peace and inspiration for being in balance with your true nature.

Online-Events ♡

Online Webinars and Meditations per Zoom

based on Omnec Onec’s Venusian Teachings

More information: Online-Services

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Private Sessions ♡

Spiritual Counseling Online per Zoom

♡ One-on-One-Sessions ♡ Venusian Spirituality ♡ Individual help and support

More information coming soon.

Media ♡

YouTube Channel Hilarianna

Venus Spirit ♡ Omnec Onec ♡ Unconditional Love ♡ Transformation of the Earth

Videos, Interviews and Teachings on my YouTube Channel

Omnec Onec ♡

Venusian Spirituality

Omnec Onec ♡ Unconditional Love ♡ Transformation of the Earth

„The most important people have to learn is to replace judgment and criticism with love and acceptance.“ ~ Omnec Onec ~

More information: Omnec Onec

Teutonia on the astral Venus

Love said to me,
there is nothing that is not me.
Be silent.
~ Rumi ~

YouTube Channel with Anja

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Venusian Spirituality and Light Healing

I am located in Southern Germany near Lake Constance. If you would like to visit me for a healing or private session, you are welcome to contact me on for more information.